Sustainablity strategy

We have developed a strategy with clear commitments

Mathevon has deployed an ambitious roadmap to diminish the group’s environmental impact


Our low-carbon policies

Mathevon’s teams all strive daily to do their very utmost for their customers as well as the planet.

Our roadmap sets out clear goals, and in particular the reduction of our carbon footprint.

The decision to develop local supply chains lies at the heart of this strategy and the results speak for themselves.

Key indicators for 2028

co2 per sale

kg CO2eq. per k€ of sales

CO2 per employee

t CO2eq.

Carbon footprint

t CO2eq.


in 2027

Precise goals

Transport Logistics


Redefine logistics flows to optimize them and reduce the number of tons transported.

Use less carbon-intensive means of transport and limit the use of aviation in transport.

Try to integrate carriers using alternative fuels or biofuels.



Consider businesses using recycled steel and if possible rethink the design of parts to reduce the volume of materials used.

Carry out a lifecycle analysis of your products to identify the stages where greenhouse gas emissions are highest.

Implement several responsible purchasing policies: for office products, services and/or events.



Carry out an energy assessment to define in-house actions to reduce energy consumption (replacing equipment/machines with low consumption equipment, modifying lighting, etc.).



Set up a committee dedicated to developing and overseeing all CSR and environmental policies.

Deployment of initiatives and sustainable practices within our group.

Use of cutting-edge technology to reduce the carbon footprint

Having made astute choices as to the systems we have deployed within our group, we are now in a position to resort to cutting-edge technology to uphold and implement our green IT values. Enhanced security, reactivity & flexibility entail a LOWER carbon footprint.

Our cloud, virtualization and dematerialization strategies are the vectors of future development…

One step further than legal requirements

Mathevon implements a common core of environmental values and policies in all countries where we are established.

We aim to be exemplary, for the wellbeing of the planet and our employees.

Sébastien JERINTE