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At the very heart of your activity

From Europe to Asia, the Mathevon group manufactures your parts close to your production sites


Turnkey solutions for your safety parts

Mathevon works with the largest stakeholders in the highly demanding Oil & Gas, Petrochimical and Nuclear Industries.

We are a reference on the safety part market and have acquired extensive expertise in the manufacturing of parts exposed to harsh environments.

Mathevon is far more than a machining or coating specialist, and has grown to become a provider of turnkey supply chain solutions that are made to last. 

oil and gas

Oil & Gas

Gate valve internals components, pressure containing parts, sealing and bolting components for surface and subsea market.



Piping parts, gate valve internals components



Valve bodies, gate valve internals components for cryogenic and steam applications

Supply chain

We assist you in your quest for competitiveness and guarantee quality, traceability and flexibility tailored to your specific needs.

You can rely on our extensive expertise acquired with all processes.